A Quick Series of Videos on Making a Pong Game

In my time making things for my YouTube channel, I’ve made a little series of videos detailing my creation of a crummy pong game. Fact of the matter is that I haven’t done some serious programming in some time so I needed to wet my whistle so to speak. You can play this game here. Quickie Pong!

A screenie of Quickie Pong. a very simple game indeed but I detailed my fumbling method of making it.
A screenie of Quickie Pong. a very simple game indeed but I detailed my fumbling method of making it.

So, for anyone who wants to view them, here are the videos for anyone’s perusal. Oct 1, 2016 is when the 3rd video is published so, if anyone cares, that’s when it is available.

Anyways, hopefully somebody enjoyed that. If not, you;re welcome to like and subscribe anyways!!! Again, go to my channel 🙂

Wrote a little game… Astrosmasher

Well, out of boredom I’ve created a little game called Astrosmasher. Nothing special really, I just wanted to see if I could make a game look like an old Atari game. I think I succeeded in some ways

Astrosmasher is a partial clone of an older colecovision game bit I got bored with it pretty quickly, I think I’d like to write games that are a little more fun despite the fact that I have no artistic ability. 🙂

Anyways, here are some screen shots and a like to the game. The game requires windows 2000+.




Consider this game, for the most part, incomplete. I got bored with the idea and made it workable. It is a hard game though. My high score thus far is 35100. Give ‘er a shot. 😀

Writing a new graphing program

Since I’m starting to take measurements based on time and value along with multiple data sets, I’ve decided that I need a new graphing program. This one will allow the use of multiple data sets and it will have save files to allow for easy recall of color settings and data parameters. Here are some of the features:

  • Multiple data sets
  • Data sets will have options for coloring and graphing choices
  • New data sets can be derived from existing data sets
  • Data sets can be compared
  • More extensive stats will be used


This will all be written in FreeBASIC. Why? Because I like it. Also because FBEdit kicks ass in relation to FBIDE.

Anyways, I’ll post incremental versions.