October Update

Things are going good. Things are busier than hell and I’ve been working on a few things. Firstly, I’ve been doing woodworking as an interesting departure from what I do on a daily basis. There’s a particular sense of accomplishment in having a usable item ready to use after a few hours of work.

A little work area I’ve set up in the mezzanine of the shop.

So, I’ve also been working on more boxes for use on our products. Hopefully they look good enough and will be better than us sending things out in cardboard or some makeshift case.

A bunch of boxes for our setting masters

It should also be said that I bought a junky little 3018 pro CNC machine off amazon for laser engraving paddle gages and setting masters and whatnot. The machine initially ran like shit, the bearings on the Y axis were some of the worst garbage I’ve seen in a while. I polished the linear rod down a bit and trued up the bearing blocks so that they’re in line with the rods. This however only made it a bit better. I may buy some decent bearings at some point.

The 3018 CNC engraving a paddle gage. This one is just enough to discolor the metal, not engrave it too much. I have a larger laser coming in that will hopefully remedy this problem.

Also, I’ve taken a few more steps to completing a prototype version of my goofy digital LED clock. This was done with a 16×16 matrix of ws2812 LED’s. You can pick these up for like 15 bucks CAD. They’re an interesting display if anything.

The back end of the clock.
Obviously, the protective layer on the plastic hasn’t been removed yet. I figured that putting some translucent plastic over top of the display would make it a bit less hard on the eyes when looking directly at it.

Well, there we go. Perhaps more will occur this month.

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