Fall is in the air in 2022

September 26th, 2022 | Categories: Electronics | Tags:

So another year is about to close and we wind our way into winter soon enough. I’ve been pushing ahead on a few things and playing around on a couple of others.

Recently sent out a bunch of gages for a large valve manufacturer in the States. We’ve made quite a few of these over the last few years, seems to be a popular design. These represent a great deal of work to make each one so it’s always a treat to see them go out and hear nothing back. No news is good news.

Building an LED clock with a WS2812 matrix. These things can really draw a ton of current if it’s put to full white. I think this will make a nice addition to the shop. I’ve made a box with a white diffuser, this will make the clock a bit easier on the eyes.

Also trying my hand at some woodworking. I’ve been making boxes for sending our product out in custom cases rather than trying to get them done outside of house. This will allow us to make changes or add products together and have a cohesive look to everything.

Well, there’s a bunch of work going on and Rejent is now in the new place with most everything unpacked. Here’s hoping to a good winter.

This is a picture of a good cat!
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