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Like I’ve had to say many times before, it’s been a while since I’ve posted. It’s not because I haven’t been doing anything but because I simply haven’t taken any real pictures of anything crazy. Maybe I’ll post a bit later. First to post a few images that I haven’t posted as yet. They’ve been sitting here on the server for quite some time but i know people like these images so I’m not going to do a comparison, just post 🙂

Edmonton Derrick
This, I believe used to stand near 51st avenue. Nobody’s been able to confirm though.
Edmonton Downtown 1959
This is downtown Edmonton Circa 1959
Edmonton Downtown 1974
Downtown Edmonton 1974
edmonton civic center plan
This was a hypothetical city center plan for Churchill Square. It is vastly different today. I suspect this was from the lated 50’s, early 60’s
NAIT 1963ish
This is NAIT from when it first opened. From what I can tell, it’s about 1963 and looking from the south side of the building.
university early 70s
This is the U of A in the early 70’s
West edmonton mall mindbender
A promotional postcard from West Edmonton Mall’s the MindBender. From about ’85
west edmonton mall
West edmonton mall, late 80’s Early 90’s. looking NEE

Well, I hope somebody out there enjoys it!!!

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