VariGage moving along nicely

January 14th, 2014 | Categories: Electronics, Machining, Personal Projects | Tags: ,
The ugly prototype of the Varigage Circuitry.

The ugly prototype of the Varigage Circuitry.

Well, things are proceeding, slowly but well. I’ve been busy with Christmas and general work and relaxing but it’s time to carry on with the device.

This prototype currently has the following features:

  • An Arduino Mega (will be replaced with a PIC)
  • HD44780 display module, may replace it with a nice flat transflective LCD
  • an ugly keypad
  • Input for quadrature from linear scale
  • Output to DC motor
  • Switching 12v to 5v supply
  • rs485 transciever for communication to the anvil

All of the parts are made but not entirely finished. Going to finish them soon. I was able to assemble them and the actuation is smooth as silk.

Anyways, gonna try to finish the mechanical soon so I can have the ungly prototype up and running. Hopefully I’ll be able to get a finished version ready for the oil show.

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