Planes and deburring

August 24th, 2012 | Categories: Electronics, RC planes | Tags: , , ,

An uneventful summer, busier than crap and I haven’t had a lot of time to do things. Well, I have but it’s been so damned hot outside that it’s almost intolerable. I’ve been working on a couple of things but most notable I’ve built the drive for an electrochemical deburring machine.

Deburring machine prototype control

Electrochemical deburring relies on passing current through the piece from the positive terminal (the part) to the anode. The part and the anode are submersed in a fluid and current is passed through, deburring the part. You have to reverse the current for a short time as well because the part gets detritus on it. This is a pretty neat project thus far but it’s been slow gfoing since there is so much to do here at work.

Also on the repetoire is more plane flying. I have a few AXN floaters and some other stuff such as…

AXN Floater

I also have a little FPV backpack that I might be more inclined to try once I get some goggles.

FPV Camera

The FPV backpack works fine. I can power it from the charge cables on the 3S battery. Only problem is trying to focus on a really small screen. hence why goggles are a must. I did try to fly my axn floater via FPV but I was way too distracted by the actual plane itself and consequently crashed into a nearby parking lot.

Anyways, perhaps there’ll be more to say about things that are happening. The Deburring machine should be complete soon so I may put a picture up of that when the time comes.

As an aside, here is some video from my new 808 Keychain camera (#16) be sure to switch to 720p

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