Digital gage, Arduinos and Netduinos

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Since my last update I’ve been busily collecting Arduinos and various other things. This is getting sort of expensive. Anyways, first off.


My Digi-Gage is coming along quite nicely. I spun a set of boards from Itead studio a couple of weeks ago, paid a bit extra for the ENIG and the black soldermask. very nice indeed.

Digi gage board

This board is for my digital gage. The board interfaces a PIC18F4685 to a LS7166 and thus counts ticks from a run of the mill glass scale. Hopefully it’ll work as well as I hope.

Digi gage board semi-populated

This is it semi-populated. turns out I forgot to buy the TQFP package MCU hence why the mcu isn’t present on the board. I’ll get the rest of the parts from Digikey soon.

Arduino – devboard collection

Devboard city

Well, I’ve been spending money on all kinds of things and perhaps it’s time to slow down a bit. Especially considering that I don’t use them. Here’s what I’ve got and some thoughts about them.

  • Arduino Uno – The standard arduino, handy, very handy
  • Arduino Mega 2560 – A bigger version of the standard. Good for extra pinouts.
  • Arduino Nano – Extremely handy, combining both the arduino usefulness with a breadboardable stick.
  • Chipkit Uno – A (much) faster 32 bit arduino. Only disadvantage is the 3.3 volt limit on IO. That said, it has double the IO of a standard arduino and uses the Arduino IDE
  • Chipkit Max – A larger version of the previous one with many more IO.
  • AVR Butterfly – Haven’t really played with it yet but it seems pretty promising for something cute and interesting.
  • Netduino Plus – Like an arduino but faster and able to be programmed in visual c#. I haven’t figured out how to program it in VB yet, perhaps it’s not even possible.
  • Netduino Mini – like the above but with a smaller form. Neat little device.
  • Duinomite Mini – another cool device with VGA out just like the Duinomite standard.
  • Beaglebone – Still haven’t used this much yet
  • Olimexino 328 – An arduino but built well. Great for industrial use. Gotta love olimex.
Anyways, here’s a gallery of the images.
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