The magic of EDM machines

April 8th, 2011 | Categories: Miscellaneous, Work | Tags: , ,

The other day we were asked to remove a section out of a valve. It’s not a huge valve but milling it would’ve been difficult all the way to the center so we put it on the EDM to blast out the side to make the inside visible. through to the stuff on the inside. Here are the images.

another view

another view

EDMing of valve looking from the top

And a view from the top. gotta love the clean edges with the rough gritty surface.

EDMing of valve looking from the side

Here's a look at it from the side

This was all burned at 150 amps which is max for this machine.

A look as it was being burned, not much to see

Nothing crazy interesting, but I thought it may be neat.

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