Some changes, some improvements, some fun.

Yes, it’s been some time, again. Every post I make seems to say the same things. anyways. Here are some things I’m working on and also no longer working on.


No, nope and no. They bore me now and plus I don’t think there’s much of a market beyond a select few. meh. No lonjger working on it

In-line refractometer

I’ve been slowly working on this. I had a sample of a special coating and tested it. Sadly it didn’t work as I had expected. The only way for me to figure this out would be for me to make the coolant into a mist or to pour it somehow.

EDM Wire Chopper

This is a relatively new idea for me. the Chmer CNC wire EDM here at work doesn’t chop the wire that comes out the back. Already I’ve had it bind up on me. So I’m developing a new chopper that doesn’t pull on the extra wire that comes out.

There are some criteria that are important here. The electrics of the chopper must not meet the wire and the frame of the chopper must not be conductive to the frame of the machine. Here are some pictures of my idea thus far. There is some work to do on it, no doubt, especially the chopper cutter, could be a bit more sturdy.

EDM Wire Chopper

A view of the inside of the prototype chopper module

EDM Chopper assembly wireframeEDM wire Chopper assembly drawingCNMG Facemill

I was thinking about this idea for a while. Since so many shops use CNMG432 for general turning, it’d be nice to be able to use the obtuse side of the insert for something. While there are turning tools that utilize the obtuse side, they are usually only for facing or OD turning. Not very convenient. So I designed a facemill for use with CNMG432 obtuse side inserts.

This particular design is of course only for facing, no shoulders allowed 🙂 Here are some images of this cutter.

cnmg432 facemill 4

cnmg432 facemill 2

Another rendering of the CNMG facemill. Of course the arbor mount isn't correct

Anyways, things being what they are, I should have some new and interesting things to post in a few weeks since I have access to EDMs and soon CNC mills on a more unfettered level. YAY!

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