Complete 180, well, perhaps 90.

December 11th, 2008 | Categories: Work | Tags: , ,

So, after doing a bunch of work on the rotary strain gage it’s been declared incorrect. Oh well. Here’s the new concept, although not my own idea, were going to rebuild the entire concept around the notion of a dynomometer. First we’re going to place the motor inside of a housing that allows the motor to move freely with the help of large ring bearings, then we’re going to bind the motor in place with load cells.

While this concept may work, I feel as though it’s lower end repeatability and accuracy will be compromised and will be greatly subject to temperature differences as the bearings heat and cool from ambient and mechanical sources. But perhaps I’ll be proven incorrect.

Here are some images of the idea.

I’m going to keep working on my own sensor design in the meantime, it may come in handy someday.

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