Graphing program and viscometer proceeding apace

November 19th, 2008 | Categories: Other/misc | Tags: , , , , ,

Well, things are proceeding apace as far as the viscometer is concerned. Unfortunately, the motor is just too non-linear to serve as a useful measuring device. God I’m dumb!

Anyways, my graph-it program is working ok now and producing some useful graphs. I have programmed the save and load features and they seem to work just fine! It will eventually allow for a variety of data analysis techniques.

Here’s a picture of the linearity, or lack thereof.

Reciprocal of motor linearity

Reciprocal of motor linearity

The blue at the bottom represents the overall error , the pinkish is the actual reciprocal of the tach values and the brown is the average of the tach values.

Hopefully I can get this working… Sigh!

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