Working on yet another stormer viscometer board. :(

Well, For the last week or so I’ve been developing a new viscometer board. Sloppy as it is, it’s a jump ahead from the last board in terms of overall inputs allowed. I used the 68PLCC package PIC18F6680 in this one because it had a sufficient number of IO and because it looks cool in it’s socket. 🙂

Anyways, this one has the following features:

  • Several analog channels for temperature measurement.
  • Several analog channels for use in a torque sensor set-up.
  • Some analog channels.
  • built in RS-232 Output.
  • built in RS-485 Output.
  • Provisions for PICKit2 hookup.
  • TVS’s on all input lines
  • Separate PIC12F683 for PWM output
  • Debug Serial Output.

All in all, it’s gone smoothly, I’ve double checked a number of the traces, let’s hope all of them are well when they come back from AP Circuits later on. 🙂

Yet another iteration of the stormer viscometer board
Yet another iteration of the stormer viscometer board
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