Tried out Doki Doki Panic

June 22nd, 2007 | Categories: Other/misc | Tags:

For the first time I have tried out Doki Doki Panic. DDP, as it shall be known, is the japanese version of what would become Super Mario Bros 2. My initial impression of it is poor as there are a great many differences between smb2 usa and ddp, most of them in favor of smb2.

Differences from SMB2:

  • No B button for running, thus the characters move pretty slow.
  • Control is pretty slippery.
  • Sounds aren’t very good despite the fact that they’re enhanced by the FDS.
  • Graphics are less refined. For example, all of the vegetable tops are static black instead of moving in the wind and some enemies have more frames of animation.
  • Characters are only selected per chapter, thus you can’t switch them from level to level.
  • slots machine area is pretty drab
  • The characters are more generic in that their abilities are closer in scope.

Anyways, if you care to see a couple of levels I could bear to play, click on the youtube link below.

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