Old photocopiers and you!

So a company that shares a parking lot with out company sells and distributes photocopier services. One day I was told about a whole bunch of photocopiers that were just sitting there. Deciding to take the plunge and rip through them the bounty was great!

Stepper city

There you go. 33 steppers from only 10 or so photocopiers. I found the following things.

  • Stepper motors
  • brushless dc motors
  • stepper drivers
  • Microclutches
  • all kinds of plastic gearing, great for all kinds of things
  • opto-interruptors
  • proximity sensors
  • good limit switches
  • connectors
  • gear-motors

Everything an inventor could need. Amazing!

Well, tomorrow I got 15 more copiers to disassemble! Everyone should try disassembling them!