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Well, I’ve been at Microbusiness Training center for 5 weeks now and I’ve been working as well. Soon, Eight-M Technical Services will be operational and i’ll be working for myself.
I’ve set up a new domain with my Dreamhost account. The site’s URL is http://8mtech.com. As of posting this, the site isn’t ready, but it will be soon.
The viscometer is being tested by Endura right now and here’s what it looks like, it’s a youtube video, be warned.

also, I figure it’d be neat to post the logo for Eight-M technical.

my logo for 8m

my logo for 8m

Some people who have known me since Junior High would know this symbol. While it was something I used as a kid, I started using the name Eight-M Designs in order to order stuff because companies wouldn’t send swag out to an individual.


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Still goin’ at ‘er, now attending the self employment program

Well, no new project pictures or anything. Summer is almost here and I’m pretty happy about that. I’m going to start at a training course for 8 weeks starting May 11.
The program itself is funded through the Canadian Government or Employment Insurance. This program is geared for people who wish to start their own business but lack the experience starting one. This program also has a 4 month post-class coaching period. From what I understand, they assist with the minutia of business and get you hooked up with financing. This program also allows one to keep collecting EI through the 6 months of the training, but not afterwards.
My idea in this case in terms of starting a business is a nebulous one at best at the moment, however, I think that by lending my skills as a machinist and programmer and technical dude, hopefully I can eke out a living or perhaps even a prosperous business in these difficult economic times.
I think that this program will help give me an introduction to the business skills I lack in abundance. Anyways, hopefully tomorrow will be a sunny day, I want to do my full report on minolta md lenses.

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