Programs for generating old school sounds

Since I’ve started playing around with writing games again, I’ve been interested in old school sounds. These things can be hard to come by these days since a lot of the older sounds were pure square and triangle waves.

I found a couple of programs for creating these sounds. Both are windows programs


So far, they seem to work OK. I’m just keeping them here in case they disappear someday.

Wrote a little game… Astrosmasher

Well, out of boredom I’ve created a little game called Astrosmasher. Nothing special really, I just wanted to see if I could make a game look like an old Atari game. I think I succeeded in some ways

Astrosmasher is a partial clone of an older colecovision game bit I got bored with it pretty quickly, I think I’d like to write games that are a little more fun despite the fact that I have no artistic ability. 🙂

Anyways, here are some screen shots and a like to the game. The game requires windows 2000+.




Consider this game, for the most part, incomplete. I got bored with the idea and made it workable. It is a hard game though. My high score thus far is 35100. Give ‘er a shot. 😀

A new Youtube video

Yes, I haven’t made a new youtube video in some time. Now the video I make is a redux of one I’ve made already, namely Doki Doki Panic. The reason I redid it was because the original wasn’t narrated. This one is, for only to add some personability and add some information to the video about Doki Doki Panic.