Quick tile generator for games.

I found I kept making and drawing tile sets for little games I wanted to make and I found it time consuming. some engines require a bit of padding around each tile so that when the drawing is scaled, the next pixel isn’t shown from an adjacent tile.

I quickly wrote it in freebasic in under an hour, there’s an EXE in there too if you don’t want to use freebasic or look at the source. very little to it and everything is straightforward. The program will generate a blank tileset with both borders and internal padding indicators. I may write a program sometime that will automatically pad the tiles as needed from an existing set.

Get GenTiles zip here

Here are some png files that are generated by the program, you could use them directly if you want…

Attitude = 100%

I saw on my feed today a post which was reposted by my cousin. The post was basically if you enumerate all the characters of the alphabet and give them the numbers 1-26 the word Attitude = 100. While yes, the word attitude does in fact add up to 100, so do many many other words. Here is a list I made with a quick program I wrote.

abatements, abettors, abrogative, absconders, acclimation, accounter, accumulate, acknowledge, acolytes, acquitted, acromegaly, activates, addressing, adiabatically, adulthood, advantaging, adverting, aerofoils, aerometer, affectation, afghanistan, aggresses, agrology, airdrops, alertest, alienation, alkalinize, allottable, alpinist, alternated, ambulating, amiableness, amortise, amphiboles, amputees, amusedly, analysis, anchoritic, aneurism, anginous, anglophobia, animaters, annually, answerable, anterior, anvilling, aphrodisia, apoplectic, apostacy, appeasers, appertain, applying, appointed, apropos, aquamarine, arbitrages, archdiocesan, archenemies, arrests, arrivals, arrowy, asbestos, assafoetida, atonally, attitude, attunes, auctorial, audiophile, augments, autoclave, automated, avocation, avouching, awfully, azurite, backswept, backtracking, backwardly, baguettes, balletomane, bandwagons, barkeepers, barytone, baulkiest, bedazzles, bedposts, beetroot, beginnings, benediction, bergamots, besmircher, bespangles, bespreading, bestirred, bestridden, bettering, bevellers, bewitching, biathlons, bioassayed, bipartite, birthmark, biweeklies, blasphemes, blastoffs, blazoning, blighters, blissful, blowtube, bluegums, bolstered, bonhomies, bonneting, boohooing, boondoggled, bootblacks, bootery, boozers, borrowed, boskiest, botanist, bouillon, boulevard, boundary, bowerlike, bowknot, boycott, brachiation, bractlets, breviary, brezhnev, bronchus, bronzy, browser, bruiting, brushier, bulgurs, bullnose, burnished, byplays, cacophony, calvities, camphorate, candidature, cannibalized, cantrips, captaincies, carboxyl, cardiograph, carotenes, carouser, carpenter, carroty, caryatids, catechisms, causeries, cavitates, censurable, centipedes, centupled, ceramicist, chaplaincies, charwomen, chastening, chattery, chemurgy, cherishing, chimpanzee, chippewas, chirpily, choiceness, chondrule, choppers, chortles, chromium, chucklers, chutist, clangoring, clangoured, clarifiers, classily, cleanliest, clerkdoms, clinically, clockwise, clotting, clumsier, coarsest, coasters, coatroom, coattails, coauthered, colleagues, collecting, colonials, cometary, commandeered, commercing, companion, comport, condensate, confabulate, confederated, congeners, congenital, congress, conjoint, conjugated, conjunct, connivance, conniver, consigns, contented, cooingly, cookeries, cookout, coonskin, coplots, coquets, corkiest, cornmeals, corridor, coryzal, cossets, costumed, cotillon, cotters, coulombs, courses, courter, cousins, coverlet, coverup, coyness, crankiest, cravenly, credentialed, creepiest, creosote, crimsoned, crudity, cruising, crummier, crusados, crusts, culture, culvers, cumulated, curdlers, curettage, curlily, cutdown, cutesier, cutlases, cutlets, cutout, cuttles, cutups, danewort, debarkation, debaucheries, decalcomanias, declarative, declension, decorous, decrypted, deescalating, defections, defeminized, deflators, degausses, deliberates, delineating, deliquesce, delivery, delouses, demobilize, demodulate, dempster, denominate, denounces, depletion, deploring, derivers, derogating, descriers, desegregated, desiccative, designers, desolates, despatches, deterring, dewberry, diagonally, dialyzer, digestive, dilatants, dilatator, dinginess, diphtheric, disarranged, discernible, discipline, disclaiming, discommode, discredited, disjoint, disjunct, dislodging, dispraise, dissuader, distancing, distrait, divinely, diviners, divorcees, dockyards, dominates, dooryard, doubleheader, doughty, draftsmen, drawlers, driveling, drizzle, droopier, droshky, drossy, dryrot, dualities, ducklings, ducktails, duetting, dumpily, duologue, durative, dyslectic, earwigging, ebullient, ecstasies, egoistical, ejections, electives, electorial, elephants, elsewhere, emasculate, embodiment, emboldening, embowers, emendation, empathetic, emptily, encapsuled, enclasping, encrust, encumbers, enlivens, ensorceled, ensurer, entrains, envoys, eponymic, equalized, equipages, erasions, espouse, estopped, etherized, ethylated, eugenist, eulogize, eunuchoid, euphenics, eventual, everting, evolves, excavates, excellent, excerpted, excoriate, execrates, exhibiter, exigencies, explains, explodes, exserted, extendible, extracted, fairyism, falseness, falsities, fantasts, farriery, farrows, fatalisms, fatalistic, fatherhood, fattiest, feldspars, felinity, ferments, ferrites, ferrums, ferryman, filtering, finitely, firebombing, firebricks, fishnets, fissioned, fivepins, flaccidities, flagellates, fleawort, flockiest, floosies, fluorine, flurry, fondlings, footpaces, forebearing, foredoomed, forefoot, foresides, forewarn, forgiver, forsaking, fountain, fraughts, freshest, freshets, friendlier, frisson, frogeyes, fuehrers, fumeless, furcular, furless, furuncle, garnishes, gauntlet, gauntly, gemsbucks, generating, geographer, germanely, gladiolus, glimpses, glissando, glittered, glorifies, glowfly, glutamate, glycogenic, gobbledegook, godparent, goldbricks, golliwog, gooneys, governs, grandaunt, grappling, graybeards, greatening, greenflies, grenadiers, grillers, grimiest, grindery, groggily, groover, grouper, grouts, grovelled, growly, grumpy, guarantied, gullibly, gusseted, guttered, guttier, gypsies, halftones, hammerers, haranguing, harmonics, harrying, headhunts, healthily, heelpost, hegemonies, hematites, hemoglobin, heritably, hexarchies, highways, hinderers, hiroshima, hirsute, hitchhikes, hobbyist, hoboisms, hollandaise, hollering, holograph, honduras, honeycomb, honoring, honoured, hoofbound, hooligans, hooters, hospital, hotblooded, hotness, housemen, howlers, humblest, hungrier, hurrayed, hussies, hutzpah, hydrates, hypoxic, hyraxes, hysons, identifies, ideologies, idolisms, ignifying, imbroglio, immature, immitigable, impaction, impaneling, imparter, impellor, imported, impotence, imprest, impugnable, inadequacy, inanities, inapplicable, incubating, inductees, inefficient, infernos, inferring, inflation, infringer, ingroup, ingrown, inkiness, innately, innovate, inoculate, insecticide, inshrined, intellect, interbreed, interfaces, interfere, intrenched, ioniums, irritate, isolates, jailhouse, jillions, jimmying, jostles, judiciary, jumblers, jumbucks, junkets, jurassic, justing, keyboards, keyholes, kibitzer, kissers, knappers, knockoffs, knothole, knouts, knowledged, kohlrabies, lacquerer, lagniappes, lambskins, laminating, landholding, landscaping, languished, largeness, latinized, lavenders, lazulis, lazyish, leaderless, leaseholds, legumins, leveraging, liberalism, liberator, ligaments, lightest, lightning, likelihood, liminess, limpidly, lodicules, loginess, logrolled, longship, loopers, lowlands, lubricant, luckiest, lumpens, lunchers, luniest, lunkers, machismos, macrocosm, magistral, magnetize, mailboxes, maintains, mamelukes, mantises, marauders, margarins, marinates, marshalcy, martinet, martingale, masochism, mastoids, matchless, matchmaking, matrons, mattedly, maximize, mealworm, measurer, meetness, mercantile, mercurial, merganser, merrily, mezuzah, microbus, midpoint, milwaukee, mimickers, minuses, minuter, mirrored, misbiassed, miscopy, misdirect, miseducate, mismanager, missus, mitoses, mittens, moderates, molecular, mollifies, mongolian, montaging, moodiest, moralism, morphemic, motors, moults, mourns, mousier, moussaka, mouther, mufflers, mullers, mummify, murkly, mutagens, mutedly, mythos, nastily, negotiated, neoclassic, nesters, nestling, neuronal, nextly, nighters, nihilist, ninepins, nonbreakable, noncasual, noncausal, nondairy, nonhuman, nosebleeds, nostalgic, notating, notional, novellas, nucleates, nutty, obliques, obscenely, obtuser, oceanarium, offhandedly, oilheating, omittance, omniarchs, opaquing, operetta, orality, ordures, orients, ornament, oscillated, osculated, ossifier, osteitic, outflank, outlier, outlined, outpaces, outrank, outreached, outset, ovately, overboard, overbore, ovulated, oxcarts, oxtails, pakistani, palpitate, panderers, panhandling, papists, paramecium, parleyer, pasteur, pastiches, pasture, pathless, pedagogues, pederastic, pedicures, pelleting, penchants, penlites, percents, performed, perilune, permits, peroxided, personage, personal, perturb, pesthole, phagocyte, phalanxes, pharisees, phlebitis, photogs, photonic, physicked, picarooned, piggybacks, pilaster, pilloried, pinecones, pistachio, pitying, plaiters, plastered, plateaux, playgirl, playoffs, plebiscite, plenties, plenums, plummet, plummy, plunging, plushes, pocketing, poetized, ponying, poorish, portland, postdate, posting, postpaid, potbellied, pothook, potpies, pounding, pouring, powders, practicing, preachings, preadapts, precambrian, precising, predawns, predeceases, predicates, preeners, preformed, preludes, preordain, prepacking, prepays, presley, presser, prevent, primary, printer, prisoned, problems, procured, producer, profaning, profiles, profuse, progeny, promisee, pronging, proofing, propjet, proscenia, prosier, ptomainic, publicly, pumpkin, pursue, pussy, putter, pyritic, pyrogen, quadrangle, qualmish, quarry, quarter, quicklime, quietened, quintar, quints, radarscope, radiocarbon, raillery, raincoats, ransomable, rasters, rattails, ravelers, ravelling, ravisher, reaccusing, reapplier, rearguing, reattaches, receptor, reciprocal, recompiled, recreating, redeploy, redesigns, redounds, redrying, reenclosed, reexhibit, referring, refinancing, refinery, refuting, regalement, regimented, regionals, regressed, regroup, regrown, reimpose, reissued, remedying, remigrated, renovate, repaginated, repress, reprint, reprobate, repulsed, reputable, reradiates, reschedule, researcher, resents, resewing, reshipped, reshuffle, residues, resolved, responded, restaging, restocked, restore, resumes, resurfaced, retaught, retiring, retrenched, retroact, reversal, revives, rewound, rewraps, ricochets, ridicules, ringnecks, riptides, rituals, riverbank, riverine, roadblocks, roadster, rockiest, roomful, roommate, rootier, rosery, rosiny, ruddiest, rufous, rulings, sagebrush, saintly, salacious, sapiencies, satiating, satrapy, savory, scannings, schematics, scholium, scoreboard, scorepads, scotchmen, scrapbook, screwier, sculpted, scuttle, seafowls, seamster, seashells, seatless, secreting, seignorage, selective, semaphore, semitone, sennits, sensoria, septicemia, services, session, setout, settles, setups, shadowing, shakedown, shakeout, shakeups, sharpens, shattered, sheeneys, shibboleth, shipyard, shivers, shoofly, shooter, shopboy, shortcake, shovels, shredders, shrewder, shrieking, shrives, sicklily, sightly, signiori, silicons, simulate, sinewing, siphons, skatings, skewers, skiddiest, skimpier, skirter, slaverer, sleepyhead, slenderer, slithered, slumps, slyest, smirching, smirking, smitten, smokers, sneerful, sniffily, snipers, snivels, snobbery, snubbers, socialism, socrates, sodiums, sodomite, soother, soughing, sourball, sources, soybeans, spacewalked, sparkler, spavins, specificated, spenders, spiciest, spirited, splashy, splining, spondaics, spooler, spouted, sprucer, spunks, squares, squaws, squinched, squint, staggerer, stagiest, stalemated, standards, standers, stanzas, starers, starfish, starling, status, steadiers, steamers, stemming, steppes, stockier, stockmen, stonier, stooges, stools, stoves, strains, strangled, straws, stress, striding, striker, stubbles, stuccos, stupes, styles, subcranial, sublethal, sublimes, subsume, succour, sucrose, suffocated, sunders, sunnier, sunward, superceded, surcharge, surely, suttas, suzanne, swankier, swashing, sweatier, sweepier, sweetened, sweptback, swifter, swimmer, swirls, swollen, syndicate, syrens, tabernacles, taborets, tailcoats, tailgating, tailspin, tallying, tangents, tanzanian, tattooed, taurus, tautens, taxless, taxying, teardown, teethers, telegrams, telephone, telescope, telluric, temperance, temperer, temporal, tensely, tetanus, tetragon, tetrahedra, tetryl, thalidomide, theists, therefore, thickening, thievish, thirty, thorny, threatened, thrifts, thriver, thumbnail, tidemarks, tiderips, tinkerer, tinselled, tipless, tiredest, toasty, toboggans, toilets, tolerated, tooting, toroids, torqued, towards, towers, traction, tramells, transect, transom, travelog, trembling, triplet, triply, troller, tropics, troppo, troths, trounced, trudging, truism, tsarevna, tsunamic, tubules, tularemia, tummies, tumoral, tuneably, tuppence, turkey, turnoff, turtled, tussled, twangler, twisted, typefaces, unaltered, unavailable, unbeholden, unbeloved, unbounded, unbridgeable, unbroken, unchaining, uncombined, underdone, undergird, underlay, undress, unequaled, unfasten, unfreeze, unhorse, unironed, unitive, unkempt, unlighted, unlinks, unmanly, unmodified, unmown, unprimed, unrelated, unrisen, unrobing, unshelled, unthreaded, untidier, unwarned, unwilled, unwove, upsets, urbanest, urbanized, urologic, urticaria, useless, utensil, uxorial, vacuolate, vacuums, variety, varnished, vehemency, venation, venially, verbalize, verdancies, verdicts, vibists, vinous, violins, vivifier, volleyed, vortical, vouchsafe, voyaging, vulgars, wanters, warpers, washdays, washings, watchdogs, watergate, wattles, weariest, wednesday, weeniest, whenever, whinnier, whirling, whiskey, whisking, whistled, wholely, wholesale, whooper, whorish, whumps, wigglers, willets, windfalls, wirehaired, wizards, woeness, woodblock, wrathing, wreakers, wreathy, wriggles, writing, wronger, xylose, yappers, yardbirds, yarrow, yeasting, yelpers, zesting, zincifies, zinkify, zithern

Just thought it was interesting.

A quick post, Basic program for day length

Just wrote a little FreeBASIC program for calculating the length of the day and the difference from each. Just enter your latitude and it’ll output a text file for the length of the day and difference from the previous day.

Anyways, it’s not well programmed or anything but the function could be useful for somebody out there. Who knows

daylight download

As a side note, time is in hours.

3 point quadratic regression formula

While developing the in-process stormer viscometer, one of my goals is to allow the end user to calibrate the device with 3 fluids of known viscosity. With a bit of help from mathematica, I’ve found the formula and for whoever wants it, it’s posted, also for my own future edification. This formula is meant to convert 3 data points of the form {X1,Y1},{X2,Y2},{X3,Y3} into a form of ax^2+bx+c=y. This is probably the fastest way to do this kind of operation on a microcontroller. Here’s an image of the formula

Reverse Quadratic from data
Reverse Quadratic from data

also, here’s a dirty FreeBasic program using it. regress-3point.bas

Also, for fun I decided to do a cubic version. This is in the form of 4 data points {X1,Y1},{X2,Y2},… converting to ax^3+bx^2+cx+d=y

Cubic equation inverse
Cubic equation inverse

You gotta love Mathematica!!!

Temperature and light, several days

Well, It’s been a number of days since I built the unit and all’s been tested. Here is a picture of some of the data from my living room over the past several days. The purplish is the temperature and the lighter one is the ambient light. You can see that as the light levels get higher, the furnace stops, thus the temperature stops fluctuating.

The living room temperature as seen over 6 days
The living room temperature as seen over 6 days

Sorry about the small scale of the temperature graph, the graphing program is still a work in progress.

Graphing program and viscometer proceeding apace

Well, things are proceeding apace as far as the viscometer is concerned. Unfortunately, the motor is just too non-linear to serve as a useful measuring device. God I’m dumb!

Anyways, my graph-it program is working ok now and producing some useful graphs. I have programmed the save and load features and they seem to work just fine! It will eventually allow for a variety of data analysis techniques.

Here’s a picture of the linearity, or lack thereof.

Reciprocal of motor linearity
Reciprocal of motor linearity

The blue at the bottom represents the overall error , the pinkish is the actual reciprocal of the tach values and the brown is the average of the tach values.

Hopefully I can get this working… Sigh!

Writing a new graphing program

Since I’m starting to take measurements based on time and value along with multiple data sets, I’ve decided that I need a new graphing program. This one will allow the use of multiple data sets and it will have save files to allow for easy recall of color settings and data parameters. Here are some of the features:

  • Multiple data sets
  • Data sets will have options for coloring and graphing choices
  • New data sets can be derived from existing data sets
  • Data sets can be compared
  • More extensive stats will be used


This will all be written in FreeBASIC. Why? Because I like it. Also because FBEdit kicks ass in relation to FBIDE.

Anyways, I’ll post incremental versions.