Quick post: JY-MCU TM1638 Drawing

Just figured I’d share a drawing I made of the JY-MCU 8 digit TM1638 display for whoever wants it. I love these displays and figured others might like them too.

tm1638 model

jy-mcu display tm1638

REMINDER: I did not include the headers on the front. I usually clip them off because they are useless when trying to fit them in a panel!

jy-mcu display tm1638 (in PDF format)

jy-mcu display tm1638 (zipped IGES / IGS file)

55g servo drawing.

For anyone that needs the drawing for a 55g servo, here we go. It’s been some time since I’ve updated but never fear, more boring stuff is to be posted soon 🙂

an image of the drawing

heres is a link to the actual PDF if you want it! servo body.pdf
If anyone needs dimensions or drawings of the horns, I’ve got the 4 lobed horn drawn and the round one. I can’t guarantee that these drawings have no mistakes, i just quickly draw them. Hopefully they’re of use to some one though.

A Drawing of a Servo, for reference.

Well, my servos have all come in for a project I’ve been working on. These ones being some cheap Chinese servos that I picked up off Ebay. Here’s a photo of one of them.

Chinese 9G RC Servo Photo
Chinese 9G RC Servo Photo

Now that I have them I guess I have no excuse in not doing the project, especially since I bought so many of them, despite them being cheap. In starting my project I’ve decided to offer a PDF of a drawing for the servo since I had no idea how big they were or what they would measure until they arrived, thus, if anyone else wants the drawing, they can use the dimensions for their own purposes.
Here are a couple of pics of the drawing for reference.

Chinese 9G RC Servo drawing
Chinese 9G RC Servo drawing
Chinese 9G RC Servo Solid
Chinese 9G RC Servo Solid

As the project progresses I’ll review the functionality of the servos. After I had ordered them I had read that they are susceptible to outside interference, especially from the likes of human contact around the housing. From what I read, this made the servo “Freak out”. We’ll see I guess, I’m going to make a standard testbed circuit for testing anyways.

So, anyways, for anyone who wants it the drawing, here’s the PDF

Chinese 9G RC Servo PDF

Hopefully someone will find it useful.

Been almost 2 years at Endura

Now that It’s coming up on two years at the place I work, I was looking through some of the drawings. I figured it’d be fun to post some of them. I’ll simply place a gallery here, click the images to see a more detailed description

Note that these aren’t all of my drawings, but a decent selection of them.