Digital gage, Arduinos and Netduinos

Since my last update I’ve been busily collecting Arduinos and various other things. This is getting sort of expensive. Anyways, first off.


My Digi-Gage is coming along quite nicely. I spun a set of boards from Itead studio a couple of weeks ago, paid a bit extra for the ENIG and the black soldermask. very nice indeed.

Digi gage board

This board is for my digital gage. The board interfaces a PIC18F4685 to a LS7166 and thus counts ticks from a run of the mill glass scale. Hopefully it’ll work as well as I hope.

Digi gage board semi-populated

This is it semi-populated. turns out I forgot to buy the TQFP package MCU hence why the mcu isn’t present on the board. I’ll get the rest of the parts from Digikey soon.

Arduino – devboard collection

Devboard city

Well, I’ve been spending money on all kinds of things and perhaps it’s time to slow down a bit. Especially considering that I don’t use them. Here’s what I’ve got and some thoughts about them.

  • Arduino Uno – The standard arduino, handy, very handy
  • Arduino Mega 2560 – A bigger version of the standard. Good for extra pinouts.
  • Arduino Nano – Extremely handy, combining both the arduino usefulness with a breadboardable stick.
  • Chipkit Uno – A (much) faster 32 bit arduino. Only disadvantage is the 3.3 volt limit on IO. That said, it has double the IO of a standard arduino and uses the Arduino IDE
  • Chipkit Max – A larger version of the previous one with many more IO.
  • AVR Butterfly – Haven’t really played with it yet but it seems pretty promising for something cute and interesting.
  • Netduino Plus – Like an arduino but faster and able to be programmed in visual c#. I haven’t figured out how to program it in VB yet, perhaps it’s not even possible.
  • Netduino Mini – like the above but with a smaller form. Neat little device.
  • Duinomite Mini – another cool device with VGA out just like the Duinomite standard.
  • Beaglebone – Still haven’t used this much yet
  • Olimexino 328 – An arduino but built well. Great for industrial use. Gotta love olimex.
Anyways, here’s a gallery of the images.


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Many Dev Boards… what to do?

First, an update about the annoyo, it worked perfectly and maximized irritation while making itself difficult to find. Anyways, I just received my BeagleBone and I promptly thought to myself, what am I going to do with this? Then I thought, hmmm, I have a bunch of other boards too.

These boards aren’t including the mps430 board, the pic boards, the mikroelectronika board or the Friendly ARM. Too many boards, not enough time. I’m sure I’ll use them for something I guess. Tomorrow begins the fun of interfacing the LS7166, it shouldn’t be too difficult.

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