Added more pictures to the gallery.

    In a fit of non-laziness I decided to update the gallery. I’ve added a bunch of pictures from our little excursion to Twin Lakes and area. I’ve also enabled comments for the pictures as well as rating. Also, some of the pictures have been re-arranged Hopefully my father will be kind enough to post more of his pictures in the gallery.
Anyways, head over to the gallery if you like.

Working on the bosses webpage.

Well, I’ve finally gotten videos to work on the site although WordPress’ wysiwyg editor is a piece of shit. It constantly changes your html code. but now at least I can share videos on the site. Interestingly enough I’ve compared prices between a local host called Koi Media and Dreamhost. In my opinion Dreamhost wins out for overall support and price.

Here’s a little breakdown

Koi Media

  • 100 MB disk space (kinda small for these days)
  • 5 GB of transfer (5.95 per GB extra)
  • $250CAD/y
  • 10 E-mail accounts
  • 1 Hosted site
  • 1 Free domain


  • 155GB (1550x Koi’s offering)
  • 1.5TB (300x Koi’s offering)
  • $95USD per year
  • Infinite Email Addresses
  • Infinite Hosted Sites
  • 1 free domain

This was quite the difference. I’m glad I’m with Dreamhost. It’s pretty obvious that Koi Media gouges for price simply because this is Alberta and businesses don’t know any better.

Attempting to get the site running

For the last couple of days I’ve been toying with the building of a site to showcase the kinds of things I do. While it’s been some time since I’ve actually finished a project, I can kind of feel the inspiration hitting me again, thus the site.

Let’s see if I can stay on track and make frequent posts to the blog and updates to my projects.