Krebs to Poise Formula

Looking for a decent formula on the net for a Krebs to Poise conversion I’m left empty handed. I found a chart that had listed direct numerical conversions.

Here’s the Best Fit value in the Quadratic form ax^2+bx+c=y


It may be somewhat rough, but since KU is a unitless value…

(Update Nov 4, 2013)

Got some info from a fellow in Costa Rica that the formula seems to match more closely to Newtonian Poise. Using this for Thixotropic fluids would most likely be innacurate at best! I would agree since Thixotropic fluids require specific velocity differences to accurately determine viscosity at a value differing from standard measuring techniques.

4 thoughts on “Krebs to Poise Formula”

  1. Krebs is the Stormer Viscometer units. Using this formula, should get you an approximate answer. Remember though, that poise is a measure of dynamic viscosity defined by shear. Krebs is affected by density of the sample due to the shape of the paddles and thus is difficult to convert, at least in my experience.

  2. Please send me how to convert Krebs Units to centipoise and Grams to centipoise. Please provide the necessary conversions.


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