Programming, Drafting, Designing and whatever else…

Well, it’s been a busy few weeks since I left the business training program. Thankfully I have some work lined up and things may go well for the short-term. For the last while I was working on the design for a plastic enclosure for a customer. Everything went quite well and the customer is an absolute joy to work for/with. Based on a board and taking cues from other ideas, I drafted a simple enclosure for a device. Here are some pictures of the enclosure.


Worked out well…

Also, I am now continuing my foray into the automation stormer viscometer as well as my auditory camera level. Things should go quite well if I bust my ass…

A quick post about my website.

I’ve finally had some time to put together my website for my business. is online and has most of the pages complete. I’ve decided to keep the layout very simple and I’ll eventually flesh out the theme a little better.

As an aside, my business cards came in, they were very nice. print100 based out of Hong Kong did a good job. $30 for 300 cards with corner cutting, matte finish and double-side colour. Very nice!

Anyways, if anyone wants a freelance inventor or a draft monkey, give me a call! 🙂